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You may not have heard of Adzuki Bean, but now it’s time to learn about this beauty wonder. Women have been using this powdered delicacy for thousands of years to achieve beautiful skin. Japanese women used the bean powder to cleanse and purify their skin, particularly the face, as early as the 18th century. Thus, the ingredient is an effective natural cleanser and the perfect base ingredient for our Face Scrub. Today on the Eunoia Edit, we will delve into this ancient beauty secret and the many benefits it has to offer.

All Natural Exfoliation

With high levels of the natural foaming agent saponin, Adzuki Bean powder is perfect as a cleanser. The naturally occurring foam exfoliates and removes dead skin, all the while cleansing any impurities. When used on the face, Adzuki Bean powder reduces irritation and other skin sensitivities. After all, your skin needs to be cleansed of any dirt or bacteria for a healthy, pore-less glow. This delicacy is also perfect for clearing redness and irritation on the skin. The powder removes dead skin and unclogs pores, targeting acne at the source to keep your face fresh and clear.

A cruelty-free alternative to microbeads

Concerned about the environmental impact of other facial scrubs? Most commercial exfoliating products contain small plastics called microbeads. These pesky little beads go down the drain and into oceans and lakes, killing marine life. We want our aquatic friends to live happily on this planet, so making the switch to natural exfoliators is crucial. Because all of the ingredients in the bean scrub are organic, it dissolves naturally and does no harm to the environment.

Anti-Aging Properties

Due to its exfoliating properties, the powder promotes circulation and tightens the skin. This is perfect for reducing the signs of aging such as fine lines and sagging. Our ONNE Face Scrub is gentler for the face than our coffee Body Scrub, as Adzuki powder provides a less gritty alternative for cleansing and exfoliating. There are also less rich oils in the face scrub, to avoid over-hydrating sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth.

A regular routine of an Adzuki Bean scrub works wonders for revitalising and re-energising the appearance of the skin. Simply take a teaspoon of the powder and mix with water to use. Apply the mixture in circular motions on the face to ensure that your skin is looking radiant!


ONNE Face Scrub

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