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Coffee is one of our favourite ingredients here at ONNE, we love it to both drink and exfoliate with. So with International Coffee Day coming up later this week, our interest in coffee has hit an all time high. Here are some of our favourite facts about this magical hot drink.

People have loved this magical bean for centuries

Shepherds discovered coffee in 800 A.D. when they saw sheep eating the berries. The berries from coffee plants were originally eaten as food. Combined with fat, the berries made high energy snack balls. Thankfully for us, it was found to be much better enjoyed as a drink. The word for coffee originates from the Yemen qahwah, which was the same word for wine. This was due to the dark colour of both beverages. Brazil grows and produces more than 40% of the world’s supply. This means that most of us are drinking exotic coffee, which is so chic.

George Washington invented instant coffee

We don’t actually mean the former president, but his name really was George Washington. Small world! Many people had experimented with dried coffee beans as a faster way to prepare coffee, but George was the first to have it mass produced. George’s powdered mixture was the precursor to Nestle, the most popular brand of instant coffee today. So we can all thank George Washington for our early morning caffeine hit.

Coffee has incredible energising properties

Just smelling the aroma in the morning is powerful enough to wake you up, ready for the day. We just adore this fact – all the more reason to start the week with a coffee scrub! The aroma produced by this powerful bean stimulates the brain and improves brain function. This includes energy levels, mood, memory, reaction time and other aspects of cognitive functioning.

There are two types of beans available to purchase. You are most likely to find Arabic beans in your morning fix. If you’re looking for something a more bitter tasting with double the caffeine, then Robusta is your new best friend. 

Coffee is loaded with essential nutrients

A single cup contains a significant amount of the recommended daily allowance of many essential nutrients. These include Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Potassium and Magnesium. If you drink more than one cup a day, then this is good news! One serving also contains a small amount of fiber which is important for maintaining cholesterol levels. 

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