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No one person is the same, so your skincare specialisation shouldn’t be either. Whether it’s the amount of moisturiser you apply to your body or even the type of moisturiser you use, we all need different things. Natural skincare in your 30s, natural skincare in your 40s and even natural skincare for babies, are designed to achieve different results. Here then are the best skincare secrets and the ultimate ways to specialise your skincare routine…

Five Steps to Skincare Specialisation Success

1. Assess your current creams collection

Ask yourself, are the most natural skincare brands you know of working the way you need them to for the optimal skincare specialisation? If not, one way to introduce a new product if you’ve never tried the brand before is to purchase travel-sized samples. You’ll see the effects of the products within the first week, if not the first few hours. Voila.

2. Introduce your favourite ingredients

Take deliciously natural ingredients and add them into your current products to ensure a personalised beauty routine. We love adding turmeric, charcoal or even different clays to our Moisturising Mask. A turmeric face mask neutralises skin, while an activated charcoal face mask will draw out impurities. Just add a pinch for that perfect deep cleanse.

3. Don’t be afraid to try products in different places

Some of the best natural skincare secrets come from experimentation. Use a face mask on your feet. Blend an organic lipstick onto your cheeks for a moisturising pop of colour. Our favourite is the Body Bar, which can be used as soap, a shampoo or face wash.

4. Use a face scrub on your body to gently buff away a tan

Sometimes body scrubs are so severe (excluding our coffee and Coconut Body Scrub obvs) that they peel off the top layer of your skin. So to keep that gorgeous glow intact, try a gentle exfoliating and detoxifying face scrub on your bod instead.

5. Essential oils are core for skincare specialisation

For a deep moisturise add a couple drops of essential oil to your face cream. Rosehip, avocado and apricot oil are divinely, deeply nourishing. Try this one before bed.

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