Meet Kelly Cartwright! You might have seen her on TV, think Dancing With The Stars or even hurtling across the finish line in a medal worthy moment as a Paralympian at the Paralympics, you may be one of her 20k follows on Instagram @kellycartwright or you may have even seen her seriously stunning face at @onne_beauty because Kelly Cartwright is the ONNE Brand Ambassador.

Speaking as the face of beauty, this Aussie is a gem when it comes to speaking about celebrity skincare secrets and her own problem skin (because let’s face it, everyone has their own skin secrets). “As a teenager I suffered from acne and was put on Roaccutane, twice! It did clear my skin but I’m always prone to breakouts and oily skin! Not to mention I’m now 27 and starting to worry about those wrinkles.” So we put the spotlight on Kelly Cartwright (note: notice how painfully perfect her skin is!) to find out why ONNE is her simple skincare solution, other tips, and tricks for a beautiful bod, and how becoming a mum has changed her perception (for the better) on switching to natural skincare for bubs too…

Kelly Cartwright Says…

You’re the first brand ambassador for ONNE, what does that mean to you?

To be an ambassador for something I truly believe in is a great feeling but to be the first to help push ONNE to new levels is an even greater feeling. I feel honored to have been asked.

How would you describe your skin and why?

My skin is definitely combination skin, dry in spots and oily in others. Its very prone to breakouts and has been since I was a teenager. But it’s also very easy to keep under control with the right care and products. My skin has also changed significantly since having a baby.

OK, you have an important event and you’ve woken up with stressed skin. What do you do to?

Honestly, I wouldn’t do too much. As much as I would love to scrub and mask (which is exactly what I would do if I had a break out during the week) your time frame is very small and you don’t want to aggravate your skin. I would keep things normal but also avoid makeup until you have to!

What are your thoughts on the natural skincare movement?

I hope it continues to grow and I hope the education grows too. I wish everyone knew the importance of using natural skin care and how much of a difference it makes to your skin. It’s also something hope it’s something I can help push forward with ONNE.



As Kelly Cartwright the athlete, as opposed to Dancing with the Stars Kelly Cartwright, what are your top three tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

My top three tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle are:

Water! Water is your best friend, not just to help keep you hydrated and energised but to help your skin too! I notice a massive difference in my body and my mind when I forget to drink enough water.

Balance. It’s so important to have a healthy balance in life! Whether it’s with friends, work or adventure, always make sure you’re having fun as well as working!

Sleep! When I’m training as an athlete I always make sure I get enough sleep, because I then have a lot more energy throughout the day. However, since having a baby I’ve realised just how much I miss my sleep, not just because I love it but because it really helps you recover and rejuvenate.

As a new mum, what’s your number one priority when it comes to your baby’s skin routine?

I always use natural skin care in the bath and his moisturiser is natural too. I also do a lot of nappy free time to let his skin breath! Their skin is so immature and soft it really doesn’t need harsh chemicals! After becoming a mum I was so surprised at just how many chemicals are in baby products!

What is your favourite ONNE skincare product and why?

It’s hard to just pick one! But if I had to it would be the complexion cream. Every day I look forward to lathering up on moisturiser after cleansing and my skin have never been softer! And like I said I’m always prone to breakouts but I don’t break out with this cream!

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given when it comes to confidence?

Love the skin you’re in! Own who you are! Nothing comes across more beautiful than being confident with who you are.

Food is obviously a big part of healthy, happy skin. What does your daily diet look like?

Food is a huge part of happy healthy skin! Firstly water, as I mentioned, is so important especially if you’re feeling like your skin is dull and dry! But eating a variety of fruit and veg is so important too because I notice tiny breakouts if I haven’t been eating enough greens. My daily diet consists of a healthy breakfast with yoghurt oats and fruit, my lunch is always something with salad and my dinners (as much as I can with a baby) always have three to four serves of vegetables. It’s about balance!

What’s your weekly beauty regime?

Every morning and evening I cleanse my face and finish with the complexion cream! I always make sure I exfoliate twice a week with the ONNE face scrub and also use the moisturising mask twice a week. I also try to have a few makeup free days throughout my week.

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