Mums and Bubs

When you’re a busy Mum, having a consistent beauty routine can seem like a pipe dream. Maybe you fantasise about relaxing facials and hot stone massages, but there are a million tasks that get in the way. From babysitting, nap times (not just for the baby!), and milk pumping, those dreams go directly to the “too hard” basket. This Mother’s Day, it’s time to upend that basket and start making those dreams come true!

Time to put yourself first

Having kids means that life will be extremely hectic for the first two years ( … or the first twenty). There seems to never be a quiet moment, just different kinds of busy. There’s the stuck-on-the-hip toddler phase, trying to keep up with bundles of energy, and don’t even mention the teenage phase! Being a Mum can often mean putting everyone else first. It’s time to turn that around and put aside some “me” time to take care of your body and skin. Especially with the wear and tear of motherhood. The struggle of splashing bathwater onto a rash while bathing the baby can cause irritation and possibly inflammation. Everyone deserves to feel special, and we want your Mother’s Day to be ONNE-derful.

Luxury done quick and gentle

The thing about beauty routine is that it can be squeezed into a 10 minute time slot at the beginning and end of each day. Between being a chauffeur, a chef, a babysitter, and the other billion jobs, our quick ONNE routine will fit in perfectly with your daily routine.

  1. First, apply the Clarifying Cleanser in gentle, small circles on the face. Rinse your face with a splash of water.
  2. Next, use the Body Balm over the rest of the body. Particularly apply the balm to areas that are dry, irritated or sensitive.
  3. On alternating days, add the Skin Sparkling Sponge to your routine as a gentle exfoliator. The sponge can be used individually or with a pump of the cleanser or body balm.
  4. Once a week, set aside some extra time to use a Face Scrub and a Moisturising Mask. The mask needs to be left on for 15-20 minutes for most effectiveness. If you like, you can multitask while the mask is doing its magic!

The ONNE range is Mum and Bub friendly

For everyday use, it’s important to remember that ONNE products can also be used on sensitive baby skin as well. The Body Bar is a gentle soap that’s perfect for washing kids heads to toe from all the adventures they’ve had. Not just for grown ups, the Body Balm is also useful for soothing dry or patchy skin on your little ones of all ages. Finally, the Skin Sparkling Sponge can be used on babies during bath time. With ONNE, both you and your little ones will have clear, healthy skin.

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