In the divine creation of the first ONNE collection we have carefully and consciously chosen to incorporate ten delicious natural ingredients (which your body will eat up). But first, take a look at our top 10 natural skincare ingredients, including coconut, that we simply can’t get enough of…


Natural Ingredients


If there’s one buzzword that has created a hive of attention, it’s coconut. The white fleshy husk coated fruit is expelled from jungles around the world and turned into a miracle milk or olfactory oil, that flies off the shelf faster than we can say the word. Coconuts really are one of the best natural skincare hacks. Which is why we choose to use the coconut as the core component of ONNE’s first collection. So what does it do and why is it good for you? As far as natural moisturisers go they don’t get much better.


You either love coffee, or you love the smell of it. The good news so does your body. Coffee is a natural antioxidant and essentially aids in fighting free radicals – those pesky things responsible for aging your complexion.


Is natural skincare effective? Cure your skincare woes with clay. Kaolin, in particular, is a white clay packed full of minerals that naturally absorbs dirt from the skin replacing the pores with nutrients and moisture.


Another particularly popular ingredient when it comes to skincare is Aloe Vera, mainly for its ease of use and the benefits. Aloe, while it’s commonly known for treating sunburn also has a remarkable ability to treat bites and skin inflammations too. Cool and chic, we love this green goopy gel.


Rose water is an ancient remedy known for its healing properties as well as it’s ability to refresh the skin.


A great source of Vitamin C, Rosehip comes from the fruit of the rose bush and it’s ideal for use in combating aging skin. It’s also another perfect example of nature’s beauty helping our skincare regime.


An Asian skincare secret, this bean has been used in Japanese cosmetics for centuries. What are the benefits you ask? In their raw form, they cleanse, exfoliate and rejuvenate. Just add water!


Created by distilling vegetable fats, Vitamin E is also a natural antioxidant. Moreover, one of our favourite things about this vitamin is that it’s also a preservative, which means we can prolong product shelf life without turning to chemicals. Voila!


Forget chocolate, it’s all about cocoa butter. Not to mention a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips if you absorb the formulation in it’s sugar-coated capacity, but take it back to its raw state and you have an ingredient that is bursting with moisturising properties as well as antioxidants.


Toxin remover? Tick. Antioxidant? Tick. Miracle worker? Tick. Therefore activated charcoal whether taken internally or externally works wonders on the body including soaking up sweat, dirt, and chemicals from the skin. It’s another one of Mother Nature’s natural skincare hacks.

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